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The End of The Beginning: Prologue
He tried to warn her - too late! - as the tail of what one could only barely call a dragon swatted her out of the air like a human would swat a fruitfly. And the comparison was apt, this once: for just as a fruitfly could never begin to comprehend a human being in it's entirety, so too could humans never fully comprehend this great entity that stood before him. It was much more than what one normally pictured at the word "dragon;" so much so, that it was not entirely limited to the mere three dimensions that he resided in. It seemed too big to be allowed, and yet more real than anything else in existence. It stood erect upon the cream-colored almost-stone that seemed to make up what little land there was in this fell dimension, dark even against the too-close grainy blackness that served as backdrop to the few islands floating in this void.
"No!" He shouted, as he took a running leap, felt one of the rings he wore shiver to life, and soared into the air, flying in a desperate attempt t
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TEoTB, Chapter Second: Act First, Questions Later.
When the tinker woke the next morning, he was surprised to find a large smeltery poking up through the roof in the corner of the house where Storm had been sleeping...or, rather, where Alkreth THOUGHT he'd been sleeping. Apparently, the kid had worked through the night on this thing, and it appeared that he was still at it, even now. He took a moment to admire the kid's unique style of efficiency when it came to these things. Apparently, he'd found Alkreth's blueprints for the smeltery, and based on the additional notes in an unfamiliar hand on the papers, he'd decided to improve upon the idea. As to where he'd gotten the MATERIALS for this monster... Yeah, he was definitely liking the kid's work ethic, though it was a little disturbing in a way. Alkreth had only planned to make it a few feet high, with only one or two casting tables and basins, perhaps with some piston contraption to make them interchangeable.
Storm, however, had made an entire ring of tables AND basins, evenly distri
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TEoTB, Chapter First: Caldoric Awakening
Just below the top of a small green hill, in the midst of a grand field full of flowers of various types and thaumic susceptibilities, a dark figure, lying spread-eagled, appeared. It wasn't a fast appearance, nor a flashy one. He just sort of... slowly faded from nothingness into existence. He lay there, wearing a black short-sleeve T-shirt over a white long-sleeve one, with a pair of faded gray stone-washed jeans. On his right arm were what seemed to be several bits of minor plate armor; one on his outer forearm, and two or three overlapping on his shoulder. They seemed to be half strapped on, and half melted on, but it was anyones guess as to whether it was thermal or chemical. After a moment, he sat up quickly, with a large, ragged gasp. And then gasped again, as his sudden momentum carried him forwards over his legs, and rolled down the hill, scattering flowers as he went. As he tumbled to a stop at the bottom, groaning, he looked up at the full moon overhead.
He was just beginnin
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The Ebon Wings :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 1 0 Kopaka full shot :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 1 2 Knight of Space :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 God Tier Space :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 legendary sandwich :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 5 0 more like a pinecone... :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 pinecone, potentially... :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 Obsidian block, half-finished :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 ...And on the other :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 horns on one cheek... :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 Back of a wing :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 0 0 He is finished! well, except for the eyes... :iconbioniclelover:BionicleLover 1 3


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The most epic picture in the entire comic series. I just loved how raw the originals were on the masks and armor...



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